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Comcast DSL Specials

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Comcast DSL Specials - There is a large misconception about Comcast's high speed internet service. Primarily because Comcast is considered “cable” type internet. Regardless of what you are searching for, we compare Comcast’s plans & show how they stack up with other providers so you only pay for what you need. See the comparison chart below to help guide you to make an wise choice in choosing a broadband plan.

Which Comcast DSL Plan Is Right for You?

1. Medium Speed

14x Dialup

Comcast Regular Price $24.95

2. Fast Speed

None Available

3. Medium Speed

  None Available  

4. Lightning Speed

100x Dialup

Comcast Regular Price $39.95

For a comprehensive comparison you can visit our ISP Comparison Chart.

Comcast usually has great "online-only" deals with discounts for up to a year. Many Comcast specials include cash back incentives, free cable modems, and free routers. Be sure to check out their Comcast triple play offers for the latest deals on internet, phone and cable.

They offer more than just Comcast Digital Cable or Comcast TV so it is important to get familiar with all their services for maximum savings. You don't have to go with all three services to receive promotional offers. You can add Comcast phone service or Comcast digital voice only if that is the package you are interested in.

If you would like to get more familiar with the speed level that is right for your lifestyle, let us walk you through our comparison of high speed internet providers.

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