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Compare High Speed Internet Providers & Special Offers: Cable, Dialup, Satellite & DSL Providers


If you are considering switching or upgrading high speed internet providers you have come to the right place. In the event you already know what type of service you want, review the special offers page where you can compare the latest online-only offers from the top cable, satellite, dialup and DSL providers.

Which High Speed Internet Provider Is Right For You?

There are many choices to consider to avoid making a costly mistake that could tie you down with lengthy contracts. So selecting the right service is of paramount importance. Our unique approach helps you compare and find which high speed internet providers' plan is right for you & what level of service fits your lifestyle in a simple 2 step process. To get started proceed to: Step 1 - Matching High Speed To Your Needs & Lifestyle.

We believe you should only pay for what you need & not a penny more by:

  1. making a highly educated decision &
  2. taking advantage of special internet only offers that cable & DSL providers have tucked away.

We search for weekly changes to rates, online-only offers & plans to keep the most current information on our site. You will also have the option of taking advantage of an abundance of special offers and deals from many of the most popular high speed internet services. The following are in order of popularity chosen by our visitors:

AT&T DSL: With it's vast network and proven infrastructure, AT&T has made getting connected to the internet easy nationwide. AT&T DSL is one of the most affordable and competitive services available today, and was the top selection on this website last year.

Verizon Internet Service: With several great speeds and packages to choose from, along with Verizon's tested and trusted name behind the service, Verizon Internet Service is a great pick for high speed broadband. Verizon's considerable network covers 13 states.

XFINITY: The name XFINITY is synonymous with reliable cable broadband. With great introductory packages available, XFINITY is a terrific choice for high speed internet.

Charter Internet: Counted among one of the top cable providers for internet service, Charter offers some amazing speeds between 5 Mbps to 16 Mbps – now that's highly respectable velocity in this industry.

CenturyLink DSL: With programs and speeds available to match your online activities, CenturyLink offers a selection of great packages and bundles. Free Wi-Fi included along with back-up protection and competitive speeds up to 20 Mbps.

By researching the best internet providers and their respective offers on an ongoing basis, we keep a beat on the industry thereby helping our visitors save money.

So Lets Get Started

Step 1 - Matching High Speed To Your Needs & Lifestyle

DSL Providers Overview

dsl providers
  • DSL internet providers offer dedicated bandwidth
  • Speeds range between 756 Kbps to around 6 Mbps
  • Cheaper than Cable for lower speed plans
  • No need for an additional phone line
  • New fiber optic internet service is the new Ultra High Speed Internet

Cable Providers Explained

  • Cable internet providers offer shared bandwidth so the more people online in your area will slow down your connection speed
  • Average speeds range are around 5-6 Mbps
  • Relatively more expensive than DSL
  • No need for an additional phone line

Compare High speed Internet providers In My Area

If you are curious to know what internet providers are available in your area, the process is quite simple. After comparing price plans, you simply click on any of the links on the offers and promotions page and enter your address. You will then see if that ISP is available in your area. Comparing internet service is always the best way to ensure you make a wise choice.

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