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About Us

HighSpeed-Internet-Providers.com has long been providing consumers with unbiased reviews of premium service providers like, XFINITY, Time Warner, Charter, CenturyLink, AT&T, Verizon and many more.

We carefully review both the type of providers as well as individual companies and created a simple method of comparing high speed internet providers.

Our site will continue to expand with articles and information that will help consumers make an educated choice in selecting telecommunication services.

Our Team

Our seasoned group of Telecommunications experts enjoy researching and writing about the technical trends and practical aspects of broadband technologies in the United States. No, it's not your imagination . . . technology gurus *are* getting younger and younger.

jesse profile  

Little Jesse

Besides a fondness for pureed peaches and teething biscuits, Baby Jesse had the vision several years ago of providing a comprehensive consumer guide to help people confused by technical jargon to sort through the bewildering broadband technology terminology and plan selections.

Ruth Profile  

Little Ruth

With a tendency to be a bit bossy, Baby Ruth manages the operations of the team. While not throwing impressive tantrums over tonight's dinner offerings at the family table, she enjoys life on the net and spends tremendous amounts of time experiencing its possibilities.

Elizabeth Profile  

Little Elizabeth

A budding shopper, huge Scooby Doo fan, and an excellent student in her grade school class, Elizabeth is developing a keen eye for bargains of all kinds. She brings her talents on learning about all things broadband to consumers , helping them understand how the technology affects them, and how to make the best usage out of their subscription.

Bob Profile  

Little Bob

Bob has always had a love for pencil and paper, and he is intrigued by the newspaper, especially the funnies and technology news. Bob spends much of each day reviewing press releases and news stories from within the telecommunications industry when he's not playing fetch with his dog, Allie.

Tracy Profile  

Little Tracy

Besides being a big fan of The Cookie Monster on Sesame Street, Tracy really enjoys simplifying seemingly complicated broadband technology to help consumers make educated decisions, and enabling them to become comfortable with the technologies that can greatly improve their everyday lives.

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