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The Many Benefits Of AT&T's New U-verse Wireless Receiver

The TV is usually the main focal point of a living room. And in the old days when TVs were encased in heavy wooden shells, no one would have ever considered moving their television set for better viewing unless they either wanted a back problem or bigger biceps.

Today's TV world is vastly different. While it's still the main electronic fixture in most living rooms, TVs are now thinner and therefore lighter than ever before. Along with the transformation of our televisions, bunny ears have been replaced by receivers which allow us to control the channels we watch and how we watch them via remote.

Some conveniences of a receiver, especially those with recording capability, are that you can record and watch all of your favorite shows when you have time, instead of rushing home to catch that anticipated episode your coworkers have been buzzing about.

But a new addition to AT&T U-verse's stable of cutting-edge TV technology is its wireless receiver. And it's causing a stir because it's the first of its kind to be offered by TV and internet providers. The fully-integrated receiver doesn't require an outlet to be plugged into. Instead, it allows for the wireless transmission of a TV signal to any room in the home.

So instead of arranging your furniture around your TV, you can now move your set to anywhere in a room or inside the home without having to worry about cumbersome cables. This means that even your patio can be the stage for your weekly family movie or sports event.

AT&T's latest offering answers the preferences of customers, who said in a survey that being able to move their television around their home without the need for an outlet was important, and indicated that moving their TV set to a room without an outlet was an important reason to have a wireless receiver.

The receiver, made by Cisco, works much like the wireless router you may already have in your home for internet access. It uses the wireless internet signal in your home to send television content to your TV. If you're already a U-verse customer with internet, your wireless home networking is already included in your cost.

If the new technology of AT&T's new receiver has got you confounded, the company has a video available on their web site which will give you a closer look into the many ways your home can benefit from this new offering.

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