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4 Ways to Slash Telecom Costs

Periodically, the top internet providers in the business offer promotions that are so discounted, consumers can really save some serious cash. In these tough economic times, one of the most popular services, AT&T U-verse, is trying to be part of the solution for cash-strapped Americans. Below are the top four ways to trim your telecommunications budget without sacrificing service.

Purchase a Triple Play Bundle from AT&T U-verse

If you live within one of the regions where U-verse is available, you may have access to one of the deepest discounts for television, internet and telephone service available. As of April 9th, 2012, AT&T is offering U-verse triple play bundles for $79 per month. This is the first time we have seen a triple play priced so low from any of the top providers.

Cut Out the Middle Man and Order Online

A lot of people like to talk to a real live person when they are ordering something like internet service. That's completely understandable. However, for those brave individuals who will forgo the personal touch and order online, there is significant reward; you will receive a $200 promotion card to spend as you wish in addition to the triple pay price above. Whenever telecommunication companies like AT&T can pay less in overhead, they pass some of that savings on to their online subscribers. When you factor in the promo card savings into the monthly discounted price, it becomes a very viable long term deal.

Watch Your Mobile Broadband Usage

Many of us love the freedom to be able to hop online wherever we go, until sticker shock sets in! Mobile broadband can be very expensive if you do not manage your data usage. For example, if you stream a lot while on the go, you may munch through your data very quickly. You can manage your mobile broadband by downloading movies on your mobile device at home via your WiFi, or using public WiFi to download. Then, disconnect your internet and enjoy your flick! You can also use AT&T hotspots to download, while saving your mobile broadband usage for less bandwidth-hungry activities.

Manage Your Internet Usage Caps

The good news for AT&T U-verse subscribers is that while they do impose usage based caps, they are extremely generous compared to industry standards. U-verse subscribers will have 250 GB caps on their subscriptions each month. If you go over that cap, you will have 2 months of grace periods where you will not be charged. After that, AT&T will charge $10 for each 50 GB you consume above your cap.

It's important to note that most people don't come near using 250 GB per month, even if you engage in video streaming or gaming. In fact, less than 2% of broadband consumers will ever come close to using this much data, and AT&T will be very proactive in communicating early and often with those 2% of customers before any additional charges are incurred.

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