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Comcast Specials Include Helping Needy Kids In State-Wide Campaign

Needy families living in the state of Massachusetts will soon have the opportunity to get their internet for less. The campaign, called “Internet Essentials”, will help families with children enrolled in the National School Lunch Program to get internet service for $10 per month with a free cable modem. Another of the Comcast specials is the offering of Netbook computers to families for $150. Brockton will be the first area to be offered enrolment in the program, with an eventual launch nationwide to about 2 million students. The Internet Essentials program’s goal is to give needy families the same opportunities for education and discovery that other families have. The senior vice president of Comcast Greater Boston sees the program as an investment in future generations.

High Capacity Satellite Launch Delayed To The Dismay Of Rural Satellite Internet Service Providers

The launch of the newest broadband internet satellite has been delayed a third time. ViaSat-1, a $400 million satellite that was supposed to bring the internet to rural areas had to delay its latest launch due to a flight control configuration error in a Russian communication satellite that was set to launch on August 18. While this latest delay may be frustrating for satellite internet service providers and their customers, the events which have caused this failure to launch are out of the satellite company’s control.  However, final clearance for launch is expected next week. Once the satellite reaches orbit, it will take 6 weeks before internet service can be offered. But the speeds it will offer may be well worth the wait: ViaSat-1′s download speeds will be between two and ten megabits per second.

CenturyLink, Formerly Qwest Internet, Protecting Customers With Internal Disaster Plan

Virginians worried about the storm season now have help if they’re a CenturyLink customer. The former Qwest Internet recently announced its emergency communications plan. The plan includes continued service to customers in the event of a disaster, as well as a recovery plan. The company’s plan is comprehensive, with recovery practices being executed well before a storm reaches the Virginia area. With several customer care centers ready with established recovery plans, any customer inquiries or repair issues can be addressed as quickly and efficiently as when no storms are near. The company stresses preparedness to its customers with several suggestions, such as ensuring customers have at least one phone in a residence that doesn’t require a power outlet, a detailed communications plan between family members, and ready to stay and go kits.

New Report Shows Benefits Of Internet Providers In My Area Offering More Packages

If you use the internet, you’re likely aware of the tiered packages offered by internet providers in my area. But Nick Feamster of Georgia Tech has looked deeper into how to make the process even more efficient and profitable for ISPs. While virtually all packages follow a standard method – the cost of a package being based on the amount of megabytes used per month – this doesn’t take into account how far data packets have to travel, a key factor that directly influences how much it costs an ISP to provide service. The ideal model would be an offering of infinite tiers based on how much traffic existed on a network and how far data has to travel. Models were created which reflected the ideal and current scenarios. And it was discovered that offering just 3 or 4 tiers for service was eighty to ninety percent as efficient as the optimal model of infinite tiers.

Cable TV Suffering As Customers Watch TV Via Internet Providers

A struggling economy, coupled with television alternatives accessible through internet providers is apparently to blame for a first-ever quarterly loss of paying cable TV customers. With many cheap or free ways to view television shows online, many no longer see a need for a cable TV subscription. But cable isn’t the only service that’s suffering; the Associated Press reports that pay TV providers are losing subscribers as well. In a survey covering 70% of households, the AP report found that the 8 pay providers whose customer numbers have dwindled lost a combined 195,000 of subscribers. While a drop in the bucket of a customer base totalling more than 80 million, some estimate the losses are much higher when including all pay TV providers.

Spanish Customers Benefit From New ATT Uverse Addition

Encore Espanol has joined att uverse TV’s wide range of channel choices. A premium movie channel offered by Starz Entertainment, Encore Espanol will broadcast quality and unedited movie and original programming around the clock without commercials. The Encore channel itself, which is already at the top of the list of popular premium channels, has over thirty-three million subscribers. AT&T, along with a second popular television and internet company are the first to offer Encore Espanol, which is available as of August 1. Thanks to Uverse’s Total Home DVR, viewers can watch, program, record and schedule all of their favourite Encore Espanol movies and shows from a number of televisions in the home at the same time using just one receiver.

Cloud Computing

So what is cloud computing, anyway? We’re hearing more about this. It’s pretty simple. Cloud computing is using a file or an application that is not stored on your local computer, but in a server elsewhere. A well known example would be Google Docs. You do not actually store these documents on your computer, they are hosted elsewhere. You log into your Google account to access and edit them, and you choose with whom they can be shared. Yahoo mail and Hotmail are other well known applications of cloud computing. More and more people are using cloud based services. Even Microsoft is releasing its latest version of Office as a cloud based application, and is beta testing it now. What this means for the internet is that speed will become even more important to users of these applications. Storage is no longer a problem, but speed is necessary to access and download information, as well as keeping your browser up to date.

China, the Internet, and the "Great Firewall"

Like to surf the internet?  Be glad you are not in China!  Recently, Google experienced an outage, which was thought to be due to their own technical updates, but later was determined to be caused by China’s “Great Firewall”.  China has many restrictions on search engines and the web, and tech companies have experienced a great deal of frustration trying to comply.  The most recent event was caused by China’s internet filtering.  In a country that bans Facebook, Twitter, and Google’s own YouTube, how can any information flow freely via broadband?  The internet is meant to be a highway of information, a free exchange.  Creating a cyber traffic jam in a nation of a billion people will only lead to less than state of the art technological development.

AT&T Upgrading its HSDPA Technology

AT&T is currently setting aside the ISP issues just like Verizon Internet Service access and controversy prices due to their massive bandwidth upgrade based on HSDPA technology. It will make the 1.7 Mbps download speed to 7x faster. No definite date yet, when it will take effect. Wireless internet is slowing making it’s name, and mobile users demand for more speed. They are also give hints when their so-called “Long-Term Evolution” (LTE) technology in wireless technology will be released. It promises a 100Mbps download speed that will be launched between 2012 or 2013 the least. AT&T claimed that they want to provide more than internet service but bringing its subscribers the content and application that they need without worries.

AT&T Sheds Light on Internet Charges

The rising issue and controversy on metered internet access and other policies adopted by ISPs has been the top of the IT news. AT&T Internet Promotions are continuing strong with the introduction of Uverse. According to many providers, it’s not about controlling, throttling heavy internet users or about attempting more income. But, it’s on how to give measures between the peak and off-peak hours and to reshape internet usage without hurting the majority of the subscribers. AT&T is considering usage-based pricing that will affect only a certain number of subscribers. The company may start testing the usage-based pricing this fall.

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