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Will The Next Generation Have Better Internet Than We Do?

Today’s small and medium businesses need to be able to have the ability to transfer large amounts of data safely and securely.And some of the fastest speeds available in the country are available via the internet plans that AT&T’s internet promotions provide. Businesses use high speed internet, not just for easier communication, but also so that they can connect multiple locations. We are not just talking about Megabits, but Gigabits per second (Gbps). Some think it’s still a long time off for these speeds to become a mainstream reality for internet users. But, ISPs are now on the move to provide an actual high-bandwidth communications solution that everyone can benefit from.

AT&T Has Many Deals For Those Needing Quality Internet Service

The best way to find the best internet provider for your internet needs is to read reviews on top companies near you. But not just any review will do; the important thing is to ensure that the reviews you are reading were written by an independent source. This is because customer reviews can often contain biases. Although this may be understandable, it may not always help when you are trying to choose an internet company.

Going online to compare companies is another great way to find the right ISP.  There are many benefits to be found, including AT&T DSL specials. And much of the time, these terrific online discounts simply cannot be found anywhere else. Thankfully, most of the work is done for you when you use a comparison site that lists all provider features in one convenient location.

Protecting Your Kids From Unwanted Internet Content

Lets face it; your ISP cannot cover all the bases when it comes to protecting your kids. So the best thing you can do is take a proactive stance in the fight against unwanted internet content by taking action at every level possible. This will be a series of three, where I will discuss some of the more common ways you as a parent can modify settings on your computer, in your browsers, and with your internet provider to filter unwanted content.

ISPs like At&T DSL specials are not the ones responsible for protecting your children. It is up to the parent to take advantage of all the tools available. You can start with your computer and configure it for a higher level of protection. I will focus on Windows Vista here, but similar features are available in previous versions of Windows. You can create a block list that disallows your child the viewing of certain sites. Or if your child is younger, and in extreme cases you can specify each site your child is allowed to view, like say

Simply go to your Control Panel and select “User Accounts & Family Safety.” You will then be given, among others, the choice to “Set up parental controls for any user.” Select this option, and then select your child’s name from the user list. If you don’t have a different login for your child you may want to set this up beforehand. Once complete, select “On” under the Parental Controls heading to activate this feature with your broadband ISP. Then select the “Windows Vista Web Filter” option to begin establishing the rules by which your child accesses the internet.

AT&T High Speed Internet – Deals That Can’t Be Beat

Are you looking for faster and more reliable internet? AT&T high speed internet is offering some tempting online deals right now. You can choose from their incredibly affordable DSL packages, or surf at the speed of light with Uverse, a 100% fiber optic connection. AT&T DSL offers 6Mbps download speed, and their Elite package costs less than twenty dollars per month! You can also bundle your internet with TV and phone for incredible savings. With a digital connection, you can enjoy all that HDTV has to offer, along with a crystal clear phone connection. Get in on the online-only deals that the nation’s top provider is offering – you could save a ton of money every month, and be enjoying quality service in just a few minutes from now.

AT&T High Speed Internet Pays You to Switch From Cable

AT&T high speed internet wants you to come on over from cable, and they will make it worth your while.  If you switch from cable, they will not only give you $100 for signing up, they will give you a $100 gift card  for buying online. This offer is available for a limited time, so check it out.   AT&T’s offers include free wi-fi, and a free modem.  You’ll find that the basic speed is $19.95 a month, and the fast “lightning” speed is $35 a month.  If you are interested in ultra high speed, see if Uverse is available in your area.  You can save up to $300 a year for bundling all three internet, television, and telephone services. with Uverse.

Att Uverse $250 Cash Back Offer Expiring August 18th

If you are considering switching to att uverse, you still have about a week to take advantage of one of their best online-only offer of the year. They are offering an additional $150 on top of their normal $100 cash back if you order one of their bundles. This offer expires on 8/18/2009 and you qualify with any of their U200, U300 or U450 packages. To give you a quick review, their packages break down like this:


  • As low as $64 per month
  • Up to 220 channels
  • Includes a DVR Receiver in HD
  • And all your favorite local channels


  • As low as $79 per month
  • Up to 290 channels
  • Includes one DVR Receiver in HD
  • And all your favorite local channels


  • As low as $109 per month
  • Up to 360 digital channels with >95 of them in full HD
  • Includes a DVR Receiver in HD
  • And all your favorite local channels

You can choose any of the above packages and At&t U-verse High Speed Internet to take advantage of the offer. If you only want the television package, you will qualify to receive $200 Cash back. They usually send the checks within 4 to 6 weeks of redemption. But be sure to read their “see offer details” to learn more.

Top AttUverse Offers

If you are looking for the latest AttUverse offers be sure to take advantage of the online only deals that are out there. You can follow the above link to find the latest att uverse deals since they are updated on a weekly basis.

AttUverse brings fiber optics and super fast conectivity at affordable prices. They are revolutionizing the way we watch digital television, transmit internet signals, and call through their digital phone technology. Thanks to the no nonsense promotions and money back guarantees, consumers can now try out the uverse service without any risk.  As of today, they have a $200 cash back offer for new customers that definitely helps in the long run.

The $14.99 DSL At&t Internet Promotion is Back!

We’re letting the internet community know that the old $14.99/month At&t internet promotion will be coming back on October 2, 2008. You can find the offer through the link provided above. The offer will extend through December 10, 2008. Att internet promotions serve the following states: IL, IN, OH, MI, WI, AR, KS, MO, OK, TX, CT, CA and NV.

For those of you in  AL, MI, LS, KY, TN, GA, FL, NC, and SC you will have the same offer extended to you under the BellSouth At&t partnership.The $14.99 offer is for their FastAcess DSL Lite plan which is a good option if you are a casual surfer.

It is also important to be aware that this promotion is only valid in conjunction with the purchase of their telephone service and some other restrictions apply so be sure to read the fine print before signing up.

Broadband: Full Speed Ahead

Broadband may seem like the newest in a line of techno buzzwords, but its benefits are real for everyone. Especially companies that offer at&t cable internet services. Gone are the days of waiting for modems to connect to the internet with high pitched wails- your broadband is always on and there is no waiting. You just open up your web browser and away you go!

Broadband also brings you the internet at incredible speeds. There is no more waiting patiently, sipping coffee while images load. Images load at amazing speeds making your web experience seamless and fun. Your favorite shopping site pops to life almost instantly and there is no frustration of waiting for more pictures to load.

When considering internet options, broadband is the feature-packed way to experience the web the way it was meant to be- quick and easy!

AT&T Sheds Light on Internet Charges

The rising issue and controversy on metered internet access and other policies adopted by ISPs has been the top of the IT news. AT&T Internet Promotions are continuing strong with the introduction of Uverse. According to many providers, it’s not about controlling, throttling heavy internet users or about attempting more income. But, it’s on how to give measures between the peak and off-peak hours and to reshape internet usage without hurting the majority of the subscribers. AT&T is considering usage-based pricing that will affect only a certain number of subscribers. The company may start testing the usage-based pricing this fall.