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Some High Speed Internet Companies Are Raising The Bar

Fast internet means more than just high speeds and television service – high speed is truly a valuable entertainment tool. ATT Uverse offers its subscribers many perks, including apps that allow them to get the latest news from the movie industry, like biographies, film previews, and more. Other U-verse integrated technologies include Total Home DVR, a fascinating way to revolutionize your home theater system. This technology allows you to watch recorded programs anywhere in your home. It also offers the ability to program your DVR from an internet connection like the one from your iPhone; even your pictures can be streamed from your computer to your television with this incredible connection.

There’s no doubt that the value of home entertainment is only getting higher with many high speed internet providers like ATT U-Verse.

Tech-Savvy Santa Hits Internet Service Providers Raleigh

Customers of internet service providers Raleigh, namely AT&T, will be able to get in touch with Santa via text and a special U-Verse app. The app, called Santa Tracker, will allow children to track the jolly elf’s movements faster than any Christmas before. U-Verse customers will be able to visit the North Pole on Christmas Eve when they go to channel 98. The app will also give more information about Santa’s team, including a bio for each of Santa’s reindeer, as well as facts about the North pole, holiday project ideas, and more.

And when customers text 1224 – a special no-charge code – before December 25, they will receive an invitation from Santa himself to text him their wish lists. In addition to all of the holiday fun that can be found with the Santa Tracker app and wish list code, AT&T has also added a new section to its on-demand library entitled “Happy Holiday Movies”, which offers holiday favorites in both standard and high definition versions.

How An ATT Uverse Subscription Can Benefit You

We all wonder if the grass is greener from time to time. And if you’re considering changing your current internet provider, you may be wondering the same thing. There could actually be a number of providers in your area that meet your needs, but the most value for the money could be with ATT Uverse. This company offers a cutting-edge internet connection in the form of fiber optic, which is the fastest and cleanest connection available. This dedicated connection uses pulses of light to transmit data over hair-thin glass fiber lines, which means your access to streaming video, high-action online games and big downloads is much faster than other internet connection methods. And the special promotions happening right now will actually give you money back, free receivers and waived installation fees. But the only way to claim most of them is to go online, as many of these offers are not available to offline subscribers.

ATT Uverse Suited For Movie Buffs, Gamers

If you’re looking for a cutting-edge solution for all of the devices in your home, you might want to consider ATT Uverse. Their fiber-optic internet connection transfers data over hair-thin lines using pulses of light. This means that web pages and video load incredibly fast, and all of your movie and music downloads occur at lightning speed. In addition to the fastest internet connection available, U-Verse also offers the Total Home DVR, which allows you to pause, watch, record and manage all of your favorite programming from any room. The newest addition to this provider’s line of offerings is the U-Verse wireless receiver, which allows you to enjoy quality programming from any room in your home or even out on your porch, simply by moving your television where you want it.

New U-Verse Wireless Receiver Relieves The One-Room Blues

A new and exclusive offering from AT&T, the U-Verse Wireless Receiver, is bringing television programming out of the living room. The new receiver allows you to move your TV set anywhere in or out of your home without having to worry about cord lengths or the re-connecting of equipment such as a cable box. Just plug in the receiver and you can enjoy your favorite programming from the garage to your back deck. The freedom provided by this latest innovation can benefit you and your family in many ways. Catching that big game with your friends no longer means you have to cram your crowd into the family room; instead, you can enjoy a barbeque and the best plays in the yard. Big families with smaller TVs can add a second set so that everyone has an optimal view. If you’re an existing U-Verse customer, simply modify your TV service online by logging into your account.

AT&T Internet Service Centers Will Have CNG Cargo Vans

In the largest-ever order of CNG vehicles from GM, AT&T internet service announced yesterday that its service centers nationwide will bolster their vehicle fleets with 1,200 Chevrolet Express compressed natural gas dedicated cargo vans. The company has already announced its intentions to deploy over ten thousand alternative-fuel vehicles through 2018, a move that will cost the company up to $565 million to complete. The CNG vehicles will be used for the connection and maintenance of both internet and television services for its customers, and will assist the company in reducing its carbon emissions. The vehicles are also both readily available and cost-effective. With a large part of the world’s pollution coming from industry, the vehicles will reduce the company’s carbon emissions by up to 25%.

The Benefits Of Fiber Optic Internet Like The One Offered By ATT Uverse

You’ve probably already heard that fiber optic internet like the one you can get from companies like ATT Uverse is fast. But do you know why that is? The reason a fiber optic connection is so fast is because of the construction of the line, and how information is transmitted over that line. Fiber optic cable can be composed of either glass or plastic wires that have been bunched together. Modulating light waves are what transfer the data. With the construction of the line and the light waves that carry data, download speeds over fiber optic cable can reach 50 Mbps.  But speed isn’t the only benefit of this type of connection. Fiber optic cable is cheaper to install and maintain than copper wire, and is also immune to static, noise and power surges.

ATT Uverse No Longer Offering ESPN 3D

With so many movies now being produced in 3D, you might think that it was the most popular thing since sliced bread. But if ATT Uverse is any indicator, 3D may be on the way out. Recently, AT&T made the decision to eliminate the ESPN 3D channel from its lineup. And the reason for this? Lack of customer interest. The service was available for ten dollars per month, but customers weren’t willing to pay this price. But although the channel has now been removed, the company ensured its commitment to customers in a statement it released, saying that their top priority is to deliver what the customers want at the lowest possible cost to them. So far, the ESPN 3D channel is the only one to be removed out of the slew of 3D channels and movies it currently has available.

AT&T Internet Service Branch Helps Improve Small Business Growth With Intuit

Small businesses who want an easier way to process credit and debit transactions will soon be able to do so from anywhere and at any time. AT&T internet service branch Uverse has partnered with Intuit to offer a new credit card reader and mobile application called GoPayment. The application allows customer wanting to do business with the company to make payments via a tablet or smart phone. The company’s call centers are already using the application for transactions such as automatic signup and pre-approval. The mobile payments market has seen rapid growth in recent years and is poised to continue its upward trend, according to a Yankee Group report. The report projected that $1 trillion of all revenue will come in the form of mobile transactions by 2015. The GoPayment application will benefit business owners who want to offer convenience to their customers and save money themselves.

A Fast Connection From ATT Uverse Can Help With Home Repair

If you’ve got work to do around the house but have been putting it off, you might not have to hire expensive professionals to do the job for you. Going online can yield many resources for getting that building, renovation or design project done on time and on budget. You can get help from forums, building supply company web sites and even video instructions that show you step by step how to do it right. But a fast internet connection like the one from ATT Uverse is crucial in order to get the most benefit from searching for solutions online. After all, slow dial-up won’t help you much when you’re trying to learn from a choppy video! With a fast internet connection and so many resources on your side, you can get your project completed like a pro.

ATT Uverse Adds Online Access For Subscribers Of Two Entertainment Providers

ATT Uverse customers will have new reasons to cuddle up just about anywhere to watch movies and series this coming winter. Those with U-Verse TV that already have the STARZ and ENCORE packages with their subscriptions can now access over 500 premier original programming and movie titles. Spartacus: Blood and Sand, Torchwood: Miracle Day, Toy Story 3 and The Tourist are just a few of the many original series and movies that can be enjoyed. AT&T is currently in the midst of securing rights from other major content providers to make their programming available across all media, including mobile devices. U-Verse Online currently boasts over 175,000 shows, movie and video clip titles in its growing content library, including virtually every fall TV series offered by major broadcast networks.

Spanish Customers Benefit From New ATT Uverse Addition

Encore Espanol has joined att uverse TV’s wide range of channel choices. A premium movie channel offered by Starz Entertainment, Encore Espanol will broadcast quality and unedited movie and original programming around the clock without commercials. The Encore channel itself, which is already at the top of the list of popular premium channels, has over thirty-three million subscribers. AT&T, along with a second popular television and internet company are the first to offer Encore Espanol, which is available as of August 1. Thanks to Uverse’s Total Home DVR, viewers can watch, program, record and schedule all of their favourite Encore Espanol movies and shows from a number of televisions in the home at the same time using just one receiver.

Discover The Benefits Of ATT Uverse

If you’re looking for a next-generation solution to all of the technology needs in your home, then att uverse might be something you might want to consider. This internet company connects you to the internet using fiber optic cable. This cable, constructed of hair-thin glass fibers, ensures the clean transmission of data at the speed of light. What this means to you is fast internet with no slowdowns. This cable can also benefit your television connection, making HDTV even more lifelike than before. And crystal-clear telephone reception is yet another advantage to using fiber optic cable. The intuitive DVR allows for the scheduling and deletion of any program from several locations in the household simultaneously. This company can be compared with others by going online. Subscribing in this way can also net you valuable savings.

Att Uverse – Revolutionizing The Internet

Imagine being able to record programs from any room in your house, or from anything that has an internet connection, even your cell phone. Now, imagine lightning-fast internet that’s always on when you need it. ATT Uverse provides you with all that and so much more. Fiber optic technology is the secret to their incredible speeds; using just one cable dedicated to internet service, your signal is delivered without interruption around the clock. Their Total Home DVR offers the most intuitive way to program, schedule and play all of your favourite shows, and all in crystal-clear HD. But the best news of all is that you can get your phone, television and internet for a lot less with AT&T than with the same services from separate companies.

AT&T High Speed Internet – Deals That Can’t Be Beat

Are you looking for faster and more reliable internet? AT&T high speed internet is offering some tempting online deals right now. You can choose from their incredibly affordable DSL packages, or surf at the speed of light with Uverse, a 100% fiber optic connection. AT&T DSL offers 6Mbps download speed, and their Elite package costs less than twenty dollars per month! You can also bundle your internet with TV and phone for incredible savings. With a digital connection, you can enjoy all that HDTV has to offer, along with a crystal clear phone connection. Get in on the online-only deals that the nation’s top provider is offering – you could save a ton of money every month, and be enjoying quality service in just a few minutes from now.

Ultra Fast Connection with ATT Uverse

A smart technology for all your broadband needs is ATT Uverse.  This ultra high speed internet connection is in a class beyond DSL.  Now you can get cash back with select bundles, up to $300.  This fiber optic connection gets you the speediest internet, and a clear voice and picture on your television.  This is virtually distortion free.  Also, your in home network functions seamlessly together to enhance your total experience.  Get the best for less money than you ever dreamed possible!  These offers are available online only, and for a limited time.  Treat yourself to the ultimate broadband experience today.

Smart Choices with ATT Uverse

You’ll want to get the smartest technology around with ATT Uverse.  You can bundle your services, and they are linked through fiber optic technology.  This makes your connection faster, and with no distortion.  That means no lag time on the internet, clear digital picture, and a pure voice sound on the phone.  You can use the computer, or the phone, to program the TV, and you can answer your phone from your TV.    Now that is smart!  Here’s what’s even smarter:  You’ll get up to $300 back on select bundles of three services, and up to $200 back on double pack bundles.  Plus, there’s a wireless in home network, and a 30 day money back guarantee.

Smart Technology with ATT Uverse

Enjoy the very best that the internet has to offer with ATT Uverse!  This ultra high speed broadband service can be combined with telephone and television, like many bundles.  Only this is intelligent technology – it all works together.  Connect up to 8 televisions in your home, and have your phone, internet, and television work seamlessly together on one ultra high speed system!  There are some great bundle discounts with Uverse, and you’ll get up to $300 back on select triple play plans, and up to $200 back on double pack plans.  By the way, that is $100 for ordering, and another $100 for ordering online.  This is the best high speed and the way of the future.

Att Uverse $250 Cash Back Offer Expiring August 18th

If you are considering switching to att uverse, you still have about a week to take advantage of one of their best online-only offer of the year. They are offering an additional $150 on top of their normal $100 cash back if you order one of their bundles. This offer expires on 8/18/2009 and you qualify with any of their U200, U300 or U450 packages. To give you a quick review, their packages break down like this:


  • As low as $64 per month
  • Up to 220 channels
  • Includes a DVR Receiver in HD
  • And all your favorite local channels


  • As low as $79 per month
  • Up to 290 channels
  • Includes one DVR Receiver in HD
  • And all your favorite local channels


  • As low as $109 per month
  • Up to 360 digital channels with >95 of them in full HD
  • Includes a DVR Receiver in HD
  • And all your favorite local channels

You can choose any of the above packages and At&t U-verse High Speed Internet to take advantage of the offer. If you only want the television package, you will qualify to receive $200 Cash back. They usually send the checks within 4 to 6 weeks of redemption. But be sure to read their “see offer details” to learn more.