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Want To Surf Even Faster? Take Your Internet Speed To The Max With This ISP

High-speed internet has several advantages over traditional dial-up internet. This is especially true if you are using ultra-fast speeds like the ones offered by Charter high speed internet max. This connection will bring the internet to you at faster speeds than you ever thought possible; amazingly faster than traditional dial-up lines could ever be capable of. You no longer have to sit and wait for web sites to load. Today’s internet brings the sites to you almost instantly, and at amazing speeds. You can surf faster and more efficiently at the higher speeds that your high speed connection offers. And if you’re an online gamer, you will notices that all of your favorite games load quickly and are more fun to play- there is no frustration of waiting for your game to slowly load.

Count Yourself A Lucky Internet User If You Have Charter Near You

If you’re looking for high speed internet that’s affordable, there is one company that certainly delivers. Charter High-Speed Internet Max service offers speeds up to 16 Mbp, which is perfect for the quick loading of web pages and videos. Access is an issue that all customers of internet providers experience from time to time. Not all customers will have access to ultra high speeds. But over time Charter and the other ISPs have expanded their offerings to reach more and more consumers in their quest for dominance in the market.

To put the speed into perspective, with 16 Mbps a song download takes 2.5 seconds, and 24 photos can be downloaded in 8 seconds. And with the internet being heavy on the video nowadays, this speed is perfect for streaming high quality video. So if you are one of the lucky ones who has this company in your area, you should take advantage of the ultra high speed.


Wondering What You Don’t Know About Companies Like Charter? The Answers Are Here

If you’re looking to compare internet companies, you may be surprised at what you discover. For example, one internet company may offer you much more than you expected. The best way to see what each internet company can offer you is to go online and use a comparison resource site.

Sites like this do all the work for you, gathering the information from each provider that it could take you days to obtain. Factors that influence your purchase decision, such as speed, bandwidth and monthly cost are all arranged on a chart with the information from several other companies. This way, you can see which company offers you the best deals at a glance. Companies like Charter internet can be compared side by side with others like AT&T.

Using Social Media To Help Your Local Economy

Most of us have heard of the flash mob, where a group of people meet in a pre-determined location and then put on a surprise show for the public. But have you ever heard of a cash mob? This involves the same kind of organization, but with a different purpose: to help a local business owner generate cash.

This simple event only requires that an organized group of people meet online with internet service providers Chicago and make plans to shop at a particular store on a certain day. But although the premise is simple, the impacts of such an event can be long-lasting, as the business owner gets a quick injection of cash, while the shoppers get to take advantage of some retail therapy.

Charter Internet Launches New Offers

In expectation of higher demand during this holiday season, Charter Internet is launching several new offers on their bundled services. They have some of the strongest pricing incentives in the business and maintain a high level of quality and service. Below is a summary of their new offering:

Two new Charter Double Plays will be available 11/13.

Cable TV Limited Basic +5M Internet: $39.98/month for 6 months

  • $74.98 ($49.99 + $29.99) installation charge
  • Roll-to pricing: $54.98/month

Cable TV Limited Basic + Phone: $39.98/month for 6 months

  • $29.99 installation fee
  • Roll-to pricing: $54.98

Be sure to follow the link to see all the current offers available in your area.

Charter Internet Making News

It seems like there are so many big businesses that make enormous amounts of money and only hold on to their profits with greed. Charter Internet is of great contrast to this comment. In fact Charter Internet recently held an online auction open to the public. As people auctioned off items and paid their dues, large profits were made. However instead of Charter Internet keeping all the money for themselves, they donated all profits from the auction to the Habitat for Humanity. This is a great display of character and integrity within the company which is seldom replicated throughout the business world. Charter Internet not only provides high speed internet service, but also high speed assistance to charities in need.