Is Your Smart Phone Getting Fat From Apps Downloaded Via High Speed Internet Providers?

Your Devices, And Weight GainNo one ever thinks that their smart phone is unhealthy. We load all sorts of content, apps, pictures and other items onto it, and maybe clean its storage once in awhile to make room for more. But do we do the same things with the apps we’ve loaded on our devices? Likely not. And that’s not surprising, given the many useful and practical apps that are out there. And it’s so easy to become addicted to them. In fact, a recent study showed that over eighty percent of worldwide device users consider themselves to be addicted to their apps.

In addition to apps are the games we play. These not only fill up the hard drives of our devices, but can cause us to become easily distracted while at work or at home when quality time is supposed to be the name of the game. Experts advise that, in addition to refraining from downloading apps and games on your device via high speed internet providers, that limits are placed on the number of screens these apps occupy on our devices. So for example, users may wish to limit the space for apps to two screens, with the most-used apps moved to the first screen.