Wireless Internet Providers And Mi-Fi

If you’re not technically savvy, your head may already be spinning with all of the technical terms that are associated with the internet. But knowing them all is important, as it can help you to navigate through the industry when the time comes to choose a new provider. One of these terms is Mi-Fi, which may sound familiar. Where Wi-Fi refers to an internet connection that occurs via a router, Mi-Fi allows you to take the router with you wherever you may travel.

While other connections to the internet may be available, such as via your smartphone’s 3G, but it will only allow you to perform basic functions like surfing the internet. If you need to complete some work while en route to the office, you wouldn’t be able to use this connection to edit a presentation or do similar work. But with Mi-Fi, your wireless internet provider travels with you. This portable network requires the purchase of a Mi-Fi dongle. Once turned on, the dongle syncs with your device, and you can get an internet connection from as much as thirty feet away from your device. As well, Mi-Fi allows for up to 5 devices to get online.