“Industrial Internet” Is Born

Yesterday, two major players joined forces to offer product data in the cloud. The service, called “Amazon Inc.” is the first of its kind. The endeavor, a joint effort between General Electric Co. and Amazon Web Services, will begin the creation of a way to help companies tap what they call ‘big data’, or the incredibly large amounts of stored information and be able to quickly analyze, understand and put it to work. However, this data will be of an industrial nature – information about items like jet engines and gas turbines.

This industrial data, according to experts is expected to enjoy growth at twice the rate of other big data over the next ten years. Along with Amazon and GE, other existing partnerships with other companies will be involved, which include Accenture Plc and Pivotal. The role that will be played which will allow access of industrial data via internet service will include data capture, the performance of local processes and the industrial analytics in real time. Sectors analyzed will run the gamut from energy and transportation to health care.