Is Cord Cutting The Only Solution To High Speed Internet Spying?

With all of the recent news surrounding the alleged monitoring of our communications by the NSA and other agencies, many internet users have decided to protect themselves. And some have decided to go completely offline. But is it necessary to go to this extreme to avoid being spied on? Not necessarily. It is possible to do this, if you want to put all of your messages on thumb drives and physically pass them back and forth. It has been done, both by whistleblower Snowden and Osama bin Laden. But it’s probably not practical for the average home internet user.

Over voice, you will need VOIP phones and the know-how to assign each phone with its own internal and fixed IP address. VPNs, or virtual private networks may offer a solution. These enable secure communications between two locations via high speed internet or other means. Every router has VPN capability, and so all that’s needed is to set up a VPN for each person with whom you wish to communicate. Once you’ve set encryption at 3DES, that’s all you need. But you will need to make sure that each VPN contains a different subnet configuration.