Can Parents Limit The Amount Of Tech In The Home?

Technology does have a number of benefits, but for the developing child, it can result in the absence of the skills essential to proper development. In experiencing the world primarily in a virtual way, no physical contact occurs, which is necessary in order to learn about and understand the world around them. The same is true for person-to-person interactions. The virtual world doesn’t operate by the same rules as physical interactions do. And so certain facial and verbal clues, along with body language are not visible. So how can it be ensured that a child receives the contact they need with other people, but without depriving them of the benefits of technology?

The key may be in continuing to use traditional communication and other tools. As well, limiting the time a child spends with technology, especially during their younger years can help familiarize them with those things that are necessary for healthy development. It may also help to attach the importance of earning time or ownership of technology as a child gets older, so that respect for the use and cost of technology can be instilled. There are also many parents who have decided not to use technology at all, which also has its own set of benefits. The decision about whether or not to use technology in the home is one that only the parents can make.