Net Neutrality Case To Be Heard, Ruling On DSL Providers And Other ISPs Will Be Made

September 9, 2013 marks when Washington D.C.’s Federal Appeals Court will hear at least one ISP regarding net neutrality. The internet provider, one of the more well-known in the country is challenging the rules laid out by the Federal Communications Commission, which says that internet users should not be restricted by internet service providers when trying to access applications and content online, even if the application and content represent industry competition of some kind. The ISP who is challenging the FCC’s ruling says that it organization is overstepping its bounds by trying to regulate the internet as a whole.

Other views on the issue include those of public interest groups, who say that the FCC needs to lay down more rules. Leaders on the Democratic side say that any decision that favors the ISP challenging the rules will be opposed. The issue of net neutrality has made many headlines over the last few years. This ruling over cable, satellite, fiber and dsl providers will be an important one, as it will greatly affect the net neutrality debate. But the FCC did get backing for its position in May from the Supreme Court.