Could The Best Internet Provider Be In Vermont?

With all of the buzz in the news over how the United States is far behind the rest of the world with its internet speeds, it can make you wonder if there is anywhere in the country where high-speed internet can be had for cheap. The good news is that there is. In Vermont, some customers can get their hands on gigabit-speed internet for just $30-$35 per month. But how is this possible? In other cities, gigabit internet cannot be had for much less than $70 per month. And this offering extends only to 17,500 customers who are living in rural areas.

The feat was achieved largely due to lots of federal funding. $81 million from a broadband stimulus grant, and a $35 million loan, to be exact. The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act provided the funds, which are to go toward both gigabit internet and deployment of cellular networks across the state. The true cost of the gigabit internet service is around $70 per month, as VTel, the best internet provider offering the service, is only making it available as part of its phone service. This is the only way the company can tap into federal money to continue the extension of its high speed internet offering.