Is The Younger Generation Concerned About Being Spied On Via Internet Service Providers?

It’s a commonly-accepted assumption that today’s young generation have no qualms about being monitored by social media companies and government agencies. After all, they were practically born posting their every move online. So this makes the news coming out of Chicago that much more intriguing: the younger generation is actually concerned about their privacy. Research is revealing that while they are sharing more information online than any generation before them, the younger crowd is actually getting quite skilled at hiding their online presence. And not only that, but many of them are actually fighting for privacy more than their ancestors did.

A poll done just a few days ago by the Pew Research Center For The People & The Press revealed a huge division between young adults and older generations on the subject of federal surveillance. 45% of those young adults surveyed said that personal privacy was more important to preserve than executing terror investigations involving the access of information via internet service providers. Close to equal numbers of respondents were in favor of government surveillance. But the interesting results clearly show that the younger generation isn’t as apathetic about having their online moves tracked as was once thought.