Lawsuit Pending From New Jersey Internet Providers In My Area Over Controversial Ads

A lawsuit will be forthcoming from two web groups in New Jersey who want to block the state’s law for online ads of a certain nature. The two groups are concerned about the law, which they say could hold third parties responsible for the internet information users access, simply because that information would be sent over their systems. The ads in question advertise underage workers in the sex trade. And the lawsuit may see some success, as one of the involved internet groups has already been able to block a similar law in 2012 in Washington state.

As far as the New Jersey law is concerned, it counts a person guilty of advertising the commercial sex abuse of a minor if they knowingly cause, directly or indirectly, the publication, dissemination or display of any advertising for a commercial sex act. The New Jersey internet providers in my area are trying to solve the issue of trying to stop the underage sex trade and be able to count on the support of the intermediaries who control the work of law enforcement.  It has also been said that this effort is a part of a larger strategy with the goal of attempting to amend section 230 of the 2006 New Jersey law.