Users Access Internet Providers More In The Home: Study

iGR, a market strategy consultancy whose focus is the mobile and wireless communications industry recently released a study regarding broadband usage in the home. And the findings were surprising. According to the report, there has definitely been an increase in broadband usage. The growth in bandwidth usage is due to the fact that more households are accessing the internet from their home broadband connection. More specifically, it’s internet access via Wi-Fi that’s causing the increase in data usage. So what this means is that household members using devices like smart phones to get online via Wi-Fi in the home are now the users which are causing this growth in data usage.

Measuring data usage by light, medium and extreme, the report revealed some interesting characteristics of each user type. A household involved in light internet usage consumed less than thirty GB per month, with 15.5 GB of that usage being via Wi-Fi internet providers. Medium usage households account for about 50% of all households, consuming about 5.000 Petabytes per month. And in extreme households, 395 GB per month of data is consumed, with 225 GB occurring via Wi-Fi. The full report is available for purchase from iGH’s website, and is said to be valuable to mobile operators, as well as content providers and distributors.