NSA Scandal May Prompt EU Businesses To Sever Connection With Internet Service Providers

In light of the scandal surrounding the recent revelation about the NSA collecting the personal information of millions of Americans, the European Commission has warned that as a result, it may no longer choose to associate with American internet provider companies, specifically those American companies which offer cloud services. The Commission said that cloud providers are far less likely to be trusted with so much suspicion that governments and businesses may be the victims of spying. They went on to say that there is little point in paying a cloud company to keep company data safe if that data is being shared against the owner’s wishes.

The reason the Commission has said that it’s the American cloud service providers who will take the hardest hit should European business and government terminate their connections is because the U.S. is a leading cloud service provider. It was demanded earlier in the month by the European Parliament that United States internet service providers be willing to provide full disclosure with regard to email data, in addition to other communications. If compliance is not met by the United States, the resolution could revoke two of its key deals for information sharing, namely the Passenger Name Records (PNR) and Terrorist Finance Tracking Program (TFTP) programs.