Are Satellite Internet Providers Able To Compete With Landline Connections?

If you live in Europe or the United Kingdom, chances are that your satellite internet is fast enough to reach speeds comparable to cable and even fiber optic connections. Officials in these two countries are saying that most users of satellite broadband can now enjoy speeds of 20 Mbps or more. As well, it’s reported that the usage of satellite broadband is no longer limited, with many companies now offering unlimited packages. As well, the costs to have this form of internet connection are currently quite affordable for a wide range of incomes.

It’s due to improvement over the last ten years, both in data caps and bandwidth, that satellite can now be considered to be so affordable in Europe and the U.K. As well, a connection from satellite internet providers is now able to be operational much more quickly than it used to be, making it, experts say, a competitor for the provision of bandwidth in more than one scenario. But despite the incredible availability of satellite, there are still 200 million residents unable to access high speed broadband, and about 20 million Europeans with no fixed broadband access. Yet, it is still being reported that satellite has definitely reached a tipping point.