Protecting Your Kids From Unwanted Internet Content

Lets face it; your ISP cannot cover all the bases when it comes to protecting your kids. So the best thing you can do is take a proactive stance in the fight against unwanted internet content by taking action at every level possible. This will be a series of three, where I will discuss some of the more common ways you as a parent can modify settings on your computer, in your browsers, and with your internet provider to filter unwanted content.

ISPs like At&T DSL specials are not the ones responsible for protecting your children. It is up to the parent to take advantage of all the tools available. You can start with your computer and configure it for a higher level of protection. I will focus on Windows Vista here, but similar features are available in previous versions of Windows. You can create a block list that disallows your child the viewing of certain sites. Or if your child is younger, and in extreme cases you can specify each site your child is allowed to view, like say

Simply go to your Control Panel and select “User Accounts & Family Safety.” You will then be given, among others, the choice to “Set up parental controls for any user.” Select this option, and then select your child’s name from the user list. If you don’t have a different login for your child you may want to set this up beforehand. Once complete, select “On” under the Parental Controls heading to activate this feature with your broadband ISP. Then select the “Windows Vista Web Filter” option to begin establishing the rules by which your child accesses the internet.