Surf With High Speed Internet Safely By Configuring Your Browser

Part two in the series will discuss some of the measures you can take to keep your kids safe by configuring your browser. There are many choices for browsers out there, and these are easily downloaded by your children if you have not set up separate user accounts. And you can disallow the installation of new programs by those users who are not designated as being administrators. More details can be found in part one.

Many ISPs like AT&T or Time Warner cable offer free parental controls, so it is a smart idea to ensure those are configured in addition to your browser settings so that you have maximum protection. We’ll be using Internet Explorer for the purpose of this example. But settings are about the same for other well-known browsers also.

Simply click on the Tools menu on your browser and choose internet options. There are several areas you can adjust. I recommend that you get familiar with as much terminology as possible. But to configure things quickly, just select the Security tab. Here you can adjust the security levels for several different internet zones. Be sure to choose a level that makes sense for your kids’ internet usage. You can also set up any restricted sites here.

After modifying areas under the security tab, you can next select the Privacy tab which controls the cookies placed on your computer from the sites you visit and also controls pop-up advertisements. The last thing you may want are unwanted ads and images interrupting your child as they surf.

The Content tab will be next. The content advisor feature should be enabled. Here you can actually choose what your kids can see online by setting up predefined categories. You can block a large amount of sites by configuring these settings. You can also restrict the viewing of sites that have no rating. In other words, if a site is malicious, and they are not approved for their content, and don’t have a rating, that site will automatically be blocked.

Part 3 of this series will help you make sure popular software form high speed internet providers like Comcast DSL will adequately protect your children as well as show you how to use it.