Verizon Internet Service Drains Its Supply of Pre-Order iPhones

October 14th is the big day; that’s when the iPhone 4S will be available for delivery, and retail stores will be selling the new smartphone. But 3 companies, including Verizon Internet Service, have already exhausted their pre-sale supply of the phone. Visits to some of the involved company sites saw that the delivery dates of the phones had been changed from October 14th to up to almost one month.  While this may cause some customers to worry about getting the new phone, this is not an unusual phenomenon. In 2010 when pre-orders for the iPhone 4 were available from only one carrier, the company exhausted its inventory in the first day of online pre-sales. And there were 1.7 million sales of iPhone 4s in just 12 days from pre-order to 3 days after retail sales began.