How big will wireless broadband be in the future?

Many experts suggest that by the year 2015, wireless broadband will hit the 2 billion customer mark worldwide. Most of the lions share will be taken by the cellular companies and peripherals. That equates to over $784 billion dollars in annual service revenue. The reason for this hyper growth in the wireless broadband spectrum in my opinion is two fold. First you have the advancement wireless technologies and devices that will provide us with a life changing moment the way cellular virtually changed all our lives. We will be able to do things and use our super pda phones in ways we never imagined. Secondly, there will also be a lack of infrastructure build out to many remote areas and wireless broadband is the perfect solution once prices drop to an affordable rate. Whether you are a user or an entrepreneur looking to take a piece of the pie, one thing is for certain, we are in for a new technology revolution.