Could Verizon FiOS Promotions Soon Become A Thing Of The Past?

A recent report by The Washington Post announced that Verizon FiOS internet service doesn’t plan to expand or build on its existing infrastructure past the next couple of years. The company has reached some milestones since its 2005 launch. It has provided one of the fastest internet connections in the U.S. (its download speeds reached 150 Mbps), along with being the first company to offer their fiber services to residential homes directly.  It is suspected that the company will choose to concentrate on the building of an Advanced LTE network which will allow for new 4G LTE technology to be had by its customers. But the almost four million subscribers to the FiOS service need not worry; the company plans to continue the maintenance of its current service areas, and will not cease Verizon FiOS promotions in those areas where competition from other internet and cable TV companies is fierce.