DSL Providers: Great Service, Great Price

DSL providers enable their customers to transmit large amounts of data and voice at the same time over existing telephone wires. Larger metropolitan communities usually have several broadband options including Cable, Satellite and DSL providers. Unfortunately, in more remote areas the only high-speed data service available is through a satellite company which can be quite pricey. Most high speed internet providers offer bundled services that include high definition digital television and telephone connections along with high-speed computer service.

The DSL providers allocate a dedicated telephone line to the site allowing the user to transmit data at a consistent rate twenty-four hours a day.  Customers needing to transmit large amounts of data between offices can easily do this when it is most convenient for their schedules instead of waiting for times when there is less traffic on the lines.  This enables them to do business in real time rather than having to wait for the next day to discuss shared data.  Cable and satellite high-speed data transmission providers cannot offer this same assurance.  When the number of customers using the service in a given area increases, the speed of the service slows down accordingly.  This is why it is important for customers to ask questions about the number of subscribers there are currently participating in a given area before choosing a high-speed provider that is not a DSL provider.