New U-Verse Wireless Receiver Relieves The One-Room Blues

A new and exclusive offering from AT&T, the U-Verse Wireless Receiver, is bringing television programming out of the living room. The new receiver allows you to move your TV set anywhere in or out of your home without having to worry about cord lengths or the re-connecting of equipment such as a cable box. Just plug in the receiver and you can enjoy your favorite programming from the garage to your back deck. The freedom provided by this latest innovation can benefit you and your family in many ways. Catching that big game with your friends no longer means you have to cram your crowd into the family room; instead, you can enjoy a barbeque and the best plays in the yard. Big families with smaller TVs can add a second set so that everyone has an optimal view. If you’re an existing U-Verse customer, simply modify your TV service online by logging into your account.