2011 Verizon FiOS Promotions Included Large Investments In New York State Infrastructure

The state of New York and its businesses and consumers benefited greatly from Verizon FiOS promotions last year, which included over $1.5 billion being invested by the company into the state’s IT infrastructure and wireline communications networks. 2011 marked the 16th year that Verizon has invested more than one billion to modernize, refine and build the state’s infrastructure. The company’s investments pave the way for economic growth in ways such as the opening of new markets for businesses, more learning opportunities for students and more reliable means of communication for parents wishing to stay better in touch with their children. Among the programs Verizon initiated or completed last year are the continued expansion of FiOS TV, the deployment of fiber optic links to wireless cell sites, and the launch of its Home Monitoring & Control product.