Four of the Best Laptop Innovations

Image By: Ed yourdon

We all know the biggest trend for computers at the moment is the new kid on the block, the tablet PC.

Yes, tablets are great, but they’ve somewhat overshadowed some great new laptop innovations that have really come into their own in the last couple of years.

Besides, sometimes you just need a good, old fashioned keyboard on your computer.

So if you’re in the market for a new PC, here is a rundown of the latest and greatest laptops and the ideas they put into play.

HP Envy Beats Edition

For those of us who consider music to be an essential part of life, the Beats edition of the HP Envy laptop provides, more or less, the best sound you can get from a notebook.

The sound card is strategically located in the chassis so there’s virtually no sound degradation, and there’s no distortion on the bass, even when the volume’s up. And the volume on this goes loud – just 25% is sufficiently noisy enough for my ears.

This laptop also comes with a set of specialist headphones that retail for £150, and using these clarifies the sound even further. The perfect laptop for a budding DJ.

Toshiba Qosmio X770

If you’re a gamer, you need to have this laptop.

It’s been designed specifically for those of us who are a little more than addicted to games, whether it be The Sims 3 or Battlefield. It has super-powerful processing; rapid response time, and gets this…its 3D.

There are so many games now 3D ready, it’d be crazy not to make use of this amazing innovation. But don’t panic if you favourite game isn’t 3D ready– the Qosmio is so clever that it actually converts most games into 3D. With that and a graphics system that is virtually flawless, and a HD screen, why wouldn’t you buy this (well, if you can afford £1500)?

MacBook Air

If you’re looking for blisteringly fast performance and a laptop that’s great for carting around, then the MacBook Air might just be the PC for you (if you can spare a grand).

Unlike previous models, the latest one can actually justify the price tag with something other than a brand name; the processing power is good. Like, really good. And Mac has managed to cram it all into this sleek, featherweight body which makes it perfect for the creatives, whether you’re a graphic arts student or an architect.

Acer 1825PT

If you really, really can’t get tablet PCs out of your head (shame on you) then this nifty little Acer gives you the best of both worlds.

From the outside this laptop looks just like a regular netbook, but the screen holds a dirty little secret – you can twist it 180 degrees, flip it back down again and low and behold, you have a tablet.

The touch screen on this works amazingly well, and is great if your job requires you to be creative. It also has 8 hours of battery life in its compact body, which is pretty darn good for a laptop.

So there you have it…the best laptop for music, the best for gaming, the best for creatives and the best tablet with keyboard included.

Sometimes I think that great innovations can be mistaken for gimmicks, and gimmicks can be mistaken for great innovations. Obviously, if you’re not a fan of music, a laptop priced £400 more than the range’s base version for its flawless sound will seem like a waste of money to you.

But if you really whittle down what you need the laptop for, and then search around for your new PC, then you really can find some simply amazing advances.

What laptop are you using? Or what laptop do you have your eye on, which you think is truly amazing? Let us know!

Jasmine Ayres writes for Arc IT, one of the top computer support companies in the UK. Arc IT maintain laptops and desktops, as well as offering server support and a hosted exchange server.