Tips for Storing Computer and Electronic Equipment

At some point, many people need to store their computer or electronic equipment for an extended period of time. Although it takes a bit more care than simply shoving the equipment into a box and sticking it on a shelf somewhere, all it takes is a little time and effort to ensure maximum protection with a minimum of preparation.


Prior to storing the equipment, it needs a thorough cleaning. This includes a dusting of the outer casing, as well as using compressed air to blow out any dirt or particle buildup within the equipment. Special care should be taken to ensure that any air vents are free of as much debris as possible.


If there are any batteries in the equipment, they need to be removed. Batteries can often corrode and leak chemicals onto electrical connections.


Remove any and all cables. This helps to make sure they aren’t accidentally jerked out of their connections at any point. The cables should be neatly rolled up and taped together. It is usually a good idea to note which connections the cables came from. It makes it easier to set things up again, should the equipment be taken out of storage and set up once again.


Before putting the equipment into the box, it should be wrapped up in a cotton sheet. This prevents any dirt or dust from getting into the equipment. Ideally, the equipment should be packed up in the original box, but if that is not available, it is best to have a box that keeps the equipment snug without providing too much excess room.


Each box should be labeled clearly. Since some individuals do not want third parties to know what is in each box, a code can be created. For example, a computer monitor in a box might be listed as “CM,” with the key to the code being kept in a separate location.

Storage Units

In many cases, the best way to store computer or electronic equipment is in a business storage unit. Most business storage facilities offer 24-hour surveillance security, as well as climate-controlled units. This is extremely important in areas where the temperatures can either get too hot or too cold.

In the end, most people find that taking a little bit of time and extra care will ensure that the equipment remains in the best possible condition. A little time at the outset of the storage process can save both time and money down the line.

Image by Seth Tissue and licensed through Creative Commons.

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