Common Computer Issues, And How To Fix Them

Contrary to what many believe, it isn’t necessary to bring your computer to a technician every time something goes wrong. There are many computer issues that you can troubleshoot and fix at home.

Your Computer Is Slow

If you find that your system has become slower of late, a cleaning of your hard drive may do the trick. Unused files and leftovers from programs long since deleted can cause a lot of unnecessary space to be taken up. You can either download a program that will clean unwanted files for you, or go through and delete them manually. But caution if you’re going it alone is best, as deleting some files may cause some programs to behave erratically or not at all.

Your Computer Is Not Responding When On

If you find your computer isn’t responding to commands sent from your keyboard or software you are using, it may have become ‘frozen’. Try hitting CTRL+ALT+Delete simultaneously. This will bring up the Task Manager, and clicking on the ‘Processes’ tab will show you which programs are currently running on your computer. Try highlighting the ones using the most memory, and then clicking “End Process” at the bottom of the window. If this doesn’t help, hold down your computer’s power button until your computer shuts down, and then start it as usual.