11 Ways Your Smartphone is Going to Replace All Your Stuff

It’s no secret that the modern smartphone is a remarkably versatile device. Prior to their widespread availability, we needed a plethora of gadgets and devices to take care of all our technological needs, such as email, internet access, and so on. The smartphone has changed all this forever, but it doesn’t stop there! Here’s a list of twelve everyday objects that you can now replace with your phone.

1. Remote Controls

As far as we’re concerned, this is one of the coolest reasons to own a smartphone. If you’re willing to get a bit technical and do some setting up, you can rig your phone as a remote control for just about anything. There are apps available that allow your phone to interface with a wide variety of media players on your computer, and you can even set up your phone’s touchscreen to function as a remote touchpad and keyboard for your computer. Plug your laptop into a big screen TV via HDMI then browse effortlessly from the comfort of your sofa!

2. Flashlight

Flashlights are big and bulky, far too much so to carry around with you at all times. However, they’re also incredibly useful. This is where your phone steps in! Since most phones today have a camera with a flash, all you need to do is turn on the light and you’ve got illumination for whatever you need. Trying to find your keys behind the sofa? Can’t see the fuse box to get the lights back on? Your phone to the rescue!

3. Mobile Storage

Most smartphones now come packed with at least 2 gig of memory. Remember when 2 GB of memory was impressive for desktop computers? On top of that, today you can buy replacement SD cards with huge amounts of space for tiny price tags, turning your phone into an indispensable storage device capable of holding music, films, important documents and whatever else you need.

4. Light Switches

Remote control light switches may not be new, but controlling them with your phone is a fairly recent invention. Setting this up will take a bit of time, and you’ll need some equipment to do it, but since you have your phone on you at all times, controlling your lights from anywhere in the house will become simpler than ever. Plus you get to feel like you live in the future!

5. Car Keys

Push to start is a convenient feature of modern cars, but now your phone is capable of displacing your key fob. With the right technology, you can connect your phone to your car’s management system and lock or unlock the doors, turn on the alarm, sound the horn and whatever else you might need. Perfect for those times when you just can’t remember whether or not you rolled up your window!

6. Wi-Fi Router

Want to get online with your laptop in the middle of nowhere? Just pull out your phone, connect an aerial and it’ll use its own 3G connection to project a wireless hotspot for you to use. It might not be the fastest or most reliable, but it’ll get you through some sticky situations when you absolutely need a net connection!

7. Projector

There are a few phones that come with a projector installed and accessories that will accomplish the same. With clear picture up to 55”, that is a pretty impressive mobile display.

8. Face-to-Face Encounters

Though it’s very much in its infancy at the moment, phone based video conferencing is on the rise. With the likes of Skype, Tango, iVisit and others available, you don’t even need to be in the same room as your friends and business associates any more!

9. Television

More and more video content providers are turning up with their own mobile apps. Sky, BBC, and Netflix, amongst others, make content available for streaming straight to your phone. Why bother with a TV any more?

10. Camera

We know this is an obvious one, but it’s true! A few years ago, every phone had a camera, but few were up to much. Today’s cutting edge models come with some impressive camera technology. Unless you’re something of a photography enthusiast who demands the highest possible quality, phone cameras today are capable of taking some pretty great photos.

11. Your Wallet

So many small businesses only accept cash and lose out on valuable business. With the square and PayPal’s phone accessory, you can accept debit cards anywhere you have access to the internet on your smart-phone. On top of that, Google is now pushing its own ‘Google Wallet’ feature, which allows you to pay for goods at participating vendors with just the touch of a button.

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