BrandYourself Offers New Insight On Who’s Googled You

Find out who's Googled youHave you ever wondered who has searched for your name after a job interview or other meeting? BrandYourself may be able to tell you. The new online reputation management company assists people with the control of their names in Google results, and yesterday, they released a new feature of the service. The new feature reveals the workplaces and locations of those who have visited an individual’s BrandYourself profile. Unfortunately, if the visitor doesn’t work for a large company, it’s unlikely you will be able to find out where they work. But knowing who is looking for you can motivate you to keep your profile up to date with the latest good news about you. Although it only launched in March of this year, BrandYourself boasts over twenty thousand users. This may be because its identified a niche between popular sites like LinkedIn and Ziggs, each of whom track users, but don’t offer the same amount of information.