Preventing Tech Travel Nightmares

When you’re traveling for business and bringing your technology with you, any number of things can happen that can derail your plans to make some progress during your trip. Let’s face it; having a smartphone or tablet is great, but if they aren’t functional due to forgotten chargers or issues with the device, then you will leave yourself high and dry.

Are You Willing To Lose Your Tech?

If you just bought the new iPhone, or are taking your favorite tablet with you, you may wish to think again. Having older tech that you aren’t worried about losing or becoming damaged will hurt a lot less than losing something new. Customs and TSA officials have, and do confiscate personal technology on a random basis if they see something they don’t like. And before you leave for your trip, enlist the help of a cloud storage service so that you can reach all of your important documents in the event your tech is confiscated, lost or stolen.

Are You Willing To Pay Top Dollar For Necessities?

It’s a good thing that stores now exist in airports where you can pick up chargers or other vital cords in case you forget to pack them at home. But shopping for connections at these stores can mean that you pay way too much for them. Take a few minutes before you leave to ensure you have all of the connections and chargers you need, so that you don’t have to waste time looking for a store and then paying a lot of money at the airport.