How To Turn Your Smart Phone Into A Scanner

Are smart phones just for talking and texting? Heck, no! These devices can be used from everything from playing music to filming videos, and even to shopping. And if you have an iPhone or Android, there’s another use for your device: scanner. Some neat apps are on the market which allow you to scan anything you like with just your smart phone.

The iPhone Scanner

Turning your iPhone into a scanner involves a quick visit to the App Store, where there are many options. But app ratings matter, and one of the most highly-rated is the Genius Scan app. This particular app allows you to not only scan a document, but convert it into a PDF or JPEG from within the app, making it incredibly useful for digitizing all kinds of documents.

The Android Scanner

For those who want to be able to scan their documents quickly, the CamScanner app could offer a solution. Another highly-rated app, CamScanner is free and available from Google Play. In addition to being able to share and upload what you’ve scanned, CamScanner allows you to upload directly to the cloud. Other features are strikingly similar to the traditional scanner, such as the ability to auto crop what you’ve scanned, set a password, batch scan and merge multiple scans.