Cool Tools For Smart Phone Navigation

The GPS holds a place of prominence in many vehicles these days. But more and more, the smart phone is becoming a digital Swiss Army knife, thanks to the many apps that are available. Traveling can be made much easier with smart phone apps that offer the most accurate information, just when you need it.


Available for the iPhone, iPad, Android and Blackberry, Hopstop works best for anyone who opts to use public transportation, bike or walk their way around. This app provides comprehensive information on subway station schedules, taxi usage and points of interest that are near to your location. It also provides city guides, something that is uncommon for an app of this type.


If you like to be on the lookout for speed traps, then Trapster may help make your trip more interesting. Available for the iPhone, Android and Blackberry, this app will alert you to upcoming speed traps, red light cameras and even road construction and traffic problems. This crowdsourcing app aggregates the uploaded data from almost fifteen million users and displays it in real time, and you will have to have your own account in order to be able to contribute your own discoveries.