3 Luxury Accessories for your iPad

It is hard to believe you can make the iPad better, but with a few luxury accessories, you can. These embellishments make it stand out from others, make it easier to use and expand the limits of what it can do.

Luxury Designer Cases

If you want to protect your iPad and make it look different from those of your friends, get a luxury designer case. One of the most trendy and luxurious is the Oscar de la Renta iPad Clutch. Mr. de la Renta was motivated to make these beautiful and functional cases when he bought his own iPad. These cases, or ‘clutches’, have exotic designs provided by the leather of a python or that of a crocodile; it’s your choice. At the risk of a pun, it is fair to say that both are striking but only in appearance. The python clutch is available in rose, red and taupe and the crocodile version is embossed black.

modulR Accessory System

This is another unique case, but it goes even further than that. The modulR is an accessory system that makes iPad usage convenient anywhere and at any time. Use its stand to tilt your iPad vertically for sharing content with others, or use it to tilt the device lower for surfing the web. If you expect company, use the modulR to suspend your iPad on the wall to share your pictures and other content with them. It has a universal swing mount, so you can push it out of the way under a cabinet while you are busy, or use it to mount the iPad in a car. Of course, you can just keep it simple and use the hand strap to carry the device around.


Use your iPad along with SHOWWX+ HDMI to connect to the big screen. You can display widescreen resolution images up to 100 inches in size with this combination. The HDMI offers digital signal processing for perfect images and for watching movies and television shows from iTunes. Another great feature of SHOWWX+ HDMI is video mirroring. That means that you can project games, photos, presentations, movies, videos and other media that you see on your display on the SHOWWX+ HDMI. The sound is good too and all you need is external speakers or a set of ear buds. You have many options for protecting, working with and maximizing your iPad’s potential. If you like lavish things, go for the Oscar de la Renta iPad Clutch. If you are more practical, the modulR system is for you. For big screen video, get the SHOWWX+ HDMI.

90% of Jack Rasmussen’s time is spent with his head in his iPad. On the rare occasions that it isn’t, he writes articles like this one and maintains his website www.ipadprojector.org.