You Might Not Have Internet this Summer, so Says Facebook

Imagining life without internet would be a daunting task even for someone who isn’t really a tech buff these days. So the thought of actually experiencing this should send chills down your spine. And if the noise generated by Facebook is to be believed, some of us are in for a summer of some serious goose bumps courtesy DNSChanger.

Ninth of July

DNSChanger, a computer monitoring software or infection, came to the core thanks to international hackers’ endeavor to run an advertising scam which would have helped them inject computer monitoring software – like the keylogger in a few cases – into their targeted systems; and help it did. The FBI, in an oddball moment, spread a safety net via government computers to bail out the infected users. However, the word is that these bailed out connections would no longer work after July 9 since the safety net system is going to be shut down.

Facebook’s Also Pulls Up Its Socks

FBI is campaigning for people to visit a website which informs whether or not their system is infected, and also how it can be fixed, since these users would not be able to access the Internet after July 9. Now onwards, Facebook would also inform infected users about the risks of their infection and how to rectify them, which is a result of the social networking site’s work with DNSChanger Working Group. In a way, Facebook is following the footsteps of Google who has been clamoring about the need for campaigns with regards to infected computers.

Absolute Lack of Awareness

It is common for users to have menacing software – like a keylogger or other kinds of spyware – in their systems, have their antivirus deactivated and yet know nothing about it. And the likelihood is that once the users are without Internet after July 9 and open their Internet Explorer page and get the ‘page not found’, the only thought that’d spring would be to believe that their connection is broken. Therefore campaigning is the need of the hour or else the infected users might end up spending their summers cursing their Internet connections instead of taking the necessary steps to overcome their issue.

DNS is a Massive Network

DNS is a huge network formulated by a multitude of servers, which translates web addresses into numerical addresses for the computers’ use. The targeted computers have been programmed in such a way so that a rogue DNS server is eventually used by the said users. This enables the attackers to link up these computers to imitated versions of various websites at the users’ expense.

The monetary gain for the hackers is quite colossal, especially since they earn huge profits through advertisements that originally appear on the fraudulent websites that the victims end up visiting. This particular scan has mustered a mammoth $14 billion for the hackers, according to FBI, and of course that number would keep on mounting unless sufficient awareness is created and in turn the necessary precautionary measures are taken.

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