Prolonging Your Laptop’s Battery

We’ve all experienced the situation when we’re saving the last few KB of that all-important file, and the battery on your laptop finally runs out of juice and there’s no mains supply to bail you out. There’s nothing more frustrating, yet there are a few simple things that you can do in order to avoid these sticky situations. Particularly if you’re regularly out of the house and need to use your laptop on the move, the last thing you want to happen is run out of power. Take heed of these few top tips.


Go green

There are more and more ‘green’ laptops cropping up in the big electrical stores, which use less energy and give you extended battery life. Not only is it great for the environment, it can help you avoid being caught out in those important situations. Green laptops aren’t to everyone’s taste, but they should certainly be considered.

Close down programs in the background

Without even knowing it, you’ll often have several programs running quietly in the background. Although they might not be in use, they are still in operation, adding to your CPU load and adding to the power consumption. Close down any programs that won’t be required and reduce the power consumption. It’s a simple thing to remember, and it can drastically increase your battery life.

Keep the battery clean

This is not such an obvious point, but keeping the connection points on your battery clean will actually make your laptop more efficient, than if the points are dirty. Use a moist cloth with rubbing alcohol to thoroughly clean the points, and the electricity will pass more efficiently, meaning that little power is wasted. This too can help prolong your battery.

Disable the wireless antenna

If you don’t require a wi-fi connection, it is advisable to disconnect your wireless antenna. If it constantly searches for a connection, this will naturally consume more power than if it’s turned off.

Dim the screen

Many laptops now give users the option to control the brightness of the screen. As you can imagine, the brighter the screen, the more power is consumed. If you’re still able to use your laptop with the screen dimmed, you should do this to save on power.

This post was written by Kate Fellows, who loves writing tech reviews and searching for the latest laptop deals online.