Why the World Needs Raspberry Pi

The Raspberry Pi is a single board computer that has been created in the United Kingdom by a group called the Raspberry Pi Foundation. In approximately one year’s time, there has been a lot of attention growing around the Raspberry Pi and the two incredibly low priced models that the foundation is currently taking pre-orders for; they are retailing for just USD $25 and USD $35, depending on which model a user purchases. There has been a lot of buzz and a lot of information released on this tiny PC, but many may be wondering if we really need this incredibly inexpensive PC. Even more may be curious whether or not this computer actually is any good. The world needs this PC, and the following are just some of the reasons why.

The price

Raspberry Pi was developed to be as inexpensive; it is the cost of an average textbook. This was done so that the computers would be affordable for most students, parents, and schools. Even though $25 or $35 might still be a stretch for the tightest budgets, these computers are just as affordable as any other textbook. This will serve to get computers into even more eager hands. At these low prices, teachers almost anywhere need not feel guilty about including these in their curriculum, just as they would a textbook. Additionally, more students will start looking to take programing classes if they know that they can afford the necessary materials so easily.


Programming skills are best developed when still young, and these skills are becoming more and more important as computers are becoming a greater and greater part of our daily lives. Less young people have been learning this schools as walled gardens and closed off game consoles become more common. The older, more flexible PCs that many programmers grew up experimenting on have become a thing of the past. With the Raspberry Pi and its accessibly low price, more and more young people will have access to these machines. Computer programming can not only be taught to more people, but it can well be taught in more places too, areas where programing has not been taught before due to low incomes and high equipment costs.

The demand

Since the foundation released information on its plans, they have been receiving emails from all over the globe asking about their PCs. Particularly in poorer, developing nations, there are those interested in ordering bulk, both as institutions for learning and as resellers. Preorders have been steadily streaming in for the devices, and this seems to indicate that not only will the Raspberry Pi be a hit, but it is a device that is much needed. A small computer that is inexpensive to make, the greatest hope to have for this device is that demand can be met, since this is a device that the world truly needs.

Written by John Adler, freelance writer who covers webmaster topics, flash website examples, social media, android apps, and other internet trends