Netflix, And Its Performance On Networks Like Internet Service Providers Baltimore

If you’ve recently switched to Netflix to enjoy high-quality streaming video, you may wonder just how fast it is over your particular provider. If you’re watching in HD with internet service providers Baltimore, you are doing so at about 4800 kilobits per second. Of course, this isn’t steady; customers may shift through a number of different bitrates before they get to the highest possible speed, and may see their speeds decrease several times during the movie or program they’re watching.

Thankfully, Netflix customers can choose the fastest network path that’s available to them. This allows Netflix to become kind of a reporter, giving the customer insight as to how well their ISP sustains throughput over time. Leading the pack in the United States is a company who streams with an average speed of 2667 kilobits per second. In Canada, the leading company streams at a 3020 kbps average.