Customers Demanding More Ethernet From Internet Service Providers Indianapolis

According to a new report from TeleGeography, it appears that the demand for on-net IP VPN and Ethernet services from companies including internet service providers Indianapolis is growing exponentially all over the world, although there are wide variations in growth rates and quality. The report contains data from 166 cities which were surveyed last year. In Africa, VPN coverage grew a whopping 52 percent at the time of data extraction, compared to only marginal growth by Latin America, and ten to fifteen percent for Asia, Europe and North America.

A second report released in December of 2012 predicts that IPTV subscriptions will have doubled by 2016, which may be the reason video content providers are spending more now on the expansion of their video infrastructure. And home area networks, which allows applications and devices in the home to be controlled remotely are poised for huge growth by 2020, despite the fact that this technology has experienced slow adoption.