Is The Government Secretly Recording Internet Companies?

The above question was answered just the other day, when it was revealed that the Feds have been recording calls from ISPs for nearly 6 years. While the report stated only phone calls were recorded, most wouldn’t be surprised if the recorded data included emails, chat and other forms of communication as well. But how true is this news? Many internet companies have vehemently denied any knowledge of Prism, the highly-classified National Security Agency program, let alone acknowledged their participation. This has led many to wonder just what is going on in the halls of the United States government.

Apparently, the surveillance was begun under the Bush administration following the attacks on September 11th. And it has obviously been allowed to continue under Obama’s government. Interestingly, the revelations about the surveillance were fast and furious, with both American and British newspapers disclosing the program mere hours after a seven-year effort to clean up phone records in the United States was acknowledged by government officials. This indicated a decision to reveal intelligence secrets by an individual with access to these high-level documents. And in fact, if statements from The Washington Post are any indication, it was what they called a ‘disenchanted’ intelligence official who provided the information.