Verizon Internet Service Revealed

Prior to selecting your DSL plan, be sure to visit high speed internet providers comparison guide. The website compares DSL, Cable, Satellite and even Dialup ISP’s.

Verizon has one of the fastest internet connections available for home users. Their new FiOS network provides speeds up to 15 Mbps for both download and upload. In keeping with the format, here are some of the frequently asked questions people have about Verizon Internet Service. We will go into FiOS on another page since it stands in a category of its own.

Do I need another phone line?

The good news is that most DSL providers don’t require you to have an extra phone line for their service. And it holds true for Verizon high speed internet.

Does their service come with a modem or do I have to rent one?

This is a common question since many providers hide extra costs by charging for a monthly lease on modems if you don’t already own one. Verizon Yahoo | Yahoo Verizon and their other plans all include a modem if you order online. There are definite advantages to ordering online.

Do I have to pay for activation?

In their disclaimer it states that there may or may not be a $19.99 one time activation/shipping charge. This mainly covers shipping cost for the modem, but may not apply to your area. Many times providers add this disclaimer so they can change their mind in the future if they decide to up some fees. Even if Verizon DSL service charges this one time fee, they’ve offered up to a $75 credit if you are switching from one of their competitors. So this should offset the minor setup fee.

Will my price be fixed for the term of the contract?

Their current online only promotion gives away the first month, they have discounted pricing for months 2-6. And then there is an increase to the base price for the remaining 6 months. However, something to note, the price increase is definitely not as significant as any of the cable providers out there. Plans do change and promotion methods evolve so be sure to check out the latest Verzion DSL Internet plans.

Does Verizon offer unlimited access?

Yes. If you decide on DSL start Verizon today and you can enjoy unlimited surfing, day or night.

Is Anti-Virus & Spyware included with my account?

This is a first in our reviews, but Verzon DSL Specials only offer anti-virus and spy-ware for the first 30 days. Most other providers include this for the term of the contract.

Do I receive email accounts with my subscription?

Verizon offers 9 email accounts with plenty of storage with up to 4,000 Mbps. Depending on which plan you select this may vary, but the storage amount is phenomenal. They even offer you 10MB of personal web space.

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