At&t DSL Specials

Before you venture into any contract with high speed DSL service providers be sure to compare them with other ISP’s at the individual plan level. At&t DSL has four plans available within their DSL packages. This is one of the most diverse high speed internet providers we cover. The following are some of the questions people have been asking related to how Att DSL service stacks up with the other high speed internet providers. The following questions will be answered across the board for all the high speed internet providers we cover.

Do I need an additional phone line?

Fortunately with At&t high speed internet you do not have to have an additional phone line because your line is split. Basically splitting the lines enables moth data and voice to be transmitted at the same time. You no longer have to have 2 lines like the old days.

Do I have to purchase a modem?

Many providers make you pay for modems & hide the modem cost in their initial offers. At&t high speed internet usually has online promotions that include the DSL modem. So be sure to check above to see if they are offering a rebate or not. From time to time, they will offer a partial rebate on a wireless gateway if you choose to go that route.

Do I have to pay for activation?

Some providers will hide the activation fee. With At&t internet service you can rest easily because they don’t charge an activation fee. Watch out for this sneaky fee with other providers.

Will my price be fixed or will it change in the future?

Be sure to always read the fine print. While some providers have a tricky pricing program that starts out at a promotional rate, the price jumps during the 7 through 12th month. With Att cable internet sticks to the plan and if they offer an annual package, they stick to that price for the whole year.

Do they offer unlimited access?

Yes. You can surf the web as often as you like with at&t.

Is Anti-Virus & Spyware included with my account?

Yes & at no extra cost. All At&t DSL customers receive online protection software that includes Sypware protection, anti-virus, popup blockers and parental controls.

Does my email have spam protection?

When you utilize the email accounts provided by At&t Mail, your email is protected with their latest spam guard software. They have a cool feature called “disposable email” which allows you to create and provide a temporary email to online merchants that ask for an email address in order to send you information. This is usually one of the origins of spam.

At the end of the day, it is your responsibility to read the fine print. But we are hoping this will help you in your initial comparison efforts. Good luck on your quest to faster broadband speeds.

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