The Last of the Top Dialup Providers: NetZero, Juno & PeoplePC

Contrary to popular belief, dialup providers have not gone the way of the Edsel. In fact, there are quite a few solid dialup providers that still offer quality internet service. Three of the top dialup providers are NetZero, Juno, and PeoplePC. Some may wonder how these services can still exist in a world of DSL and cable modems. When you look closely at what these providers offer, it becomes obvious why they are still competitive in the modern market.


NetZero was originally conceived as a free dialup provider but the concept did not entirely catch on. In time, Netzero modified its business approach and achieved significant success. This includes a subscription service known as the $9.95 Unlimited Dial Up service and the more expansive Accelerated Dial-Up Service. You can find the latest NetZero Promotions here. The latter comes with free anti-virus, spam protection and pop-up blockers. Best of all, the Accelerated Dial-Up Service is faster than the unlimited version.


As far as dialup providers go, Juno has been around a long time. The Juno Internet Turbo plan is similar to NetZero in a number of ways (Spam blocking, free anti-virus, etc), but it distinguishes itself in terms of speed. In fact, Juno Turbo might very well be the fastest of all the dialup providers. This is its most admirable benefit.

People PC

On the surface, PeoplePC Online Promotions fall short when compared to Juno and NetZero. Part of the reason for this is the absence of Norton Anti-Virus and slower speeds. There are two plans under People PC: People PC Unlimited and People PC Accelerated. The Accelerated program does come with an anti-virus and firewall that is below the level of Norton. So, it would be difficult to rank People PC ahead of Juno or Netzero. The one benefit is that it can be subscribed to for under $8.00 a month.