Will Wild Blue and HugheNet Change the Face of the Internet?

There are many great things to come from the WildBlue and HughesNet satellite internet providers. These two companies are the apparent leaders in the emerging satellite internet industry. This is why it is important to take a look at Wild Blue and HughesNet. Such an examination will allow potential customers to arrive at an understanding of what this new and innovative medium.

An Overview of WildBlue Satellite Internet Service

Wild Blue has some amazing offers that are apparently designed to “kick start” the popularity of satellite internet. For example, Wild Blue offers free installation and low monthly subscriptions at $49.95 a month. Since satellite internet often requires additional equipment installed, Wild Blue offers a $50 discount on such equipment. Needless to say, Wild Blue is quite generous as far as offers go. Perhaps from these cost effective offers, satellite internet may become attractive to potential customers.

Examining what HughesNet Satellite Internet Service Offering

Whether you are looking to install satellite internet for your home or office, Hughesnet can facilitate your needs. What is amazing about HughesNet is that it is immediately available and it services the entire United States. It also provides a very fast internet connection that effectively integrates satellite and internet technology. Currently, there are two plans provided by HughesNet – the Equipment Purchase Plan and the $0 Upfront Fee Plan. Remember, additional equipment is needed to operate satellite internet and the $0 Upfront Fee plan allows customers to pay for the equipment on a monthly basis. This is perfect for those who may wish to budget their purchase. Additionally, they are several subcategories of these two plans (Home, Pro, ProPlus, Elite, and ElitePlus) all of which offer varying degrees of speed.

Extra Credit

HughesNet does deserve a little extra credit for being more forthcoming about its pricing plans. Wild Blue withholds plan details and pricing unless you provide personal information for future sales follow ups. Those who do not wish to be contacted may wish to deal with HughesNet first.