Bell South DSL Makes Businesses More Efficient

If you asked why it is important to subscribe to the BellSouth DSL system, the most common response would be “speed”. If you were to probe further and ask why speed is important the responses would range. Some prefer to browse the web quicker. Some wish to download files in a more efficient manner. Regardless of the reason for the need for speed, most responses will center on home use of the internet. But, home and personal use is only a partial application for broadband services. Broadband is also critical for business use.

Why DSL is Important for Business

In business, time management is a major factor for success. If you where to go with the ulitimate DSL service, you may consider Verizon FiOS with speeds up to 30 Mbps. However, you definitely will be spending a nice chunk of change. Delays in the operation of a business can make a business operate ineffectively. This is why it is important to have a reliable Bell South DSL service installed. This service can maintain that online functions are performed easily and without needless delays. Thankfully, Bell South DSL realizes this and has put together a number of packages and plans specifically designed for business use.

The Plans

The names of the plans are in descending order of speed are the FastAccess DSL 6.0, FastAccess DSL Plus and FastAccess DSL. These plans are specifically designed to operate efficiently through the multiple ports routing in a business setting. (There is also a low cost plan known as the FastAccess DSL Lite which is perfect for home based business or part time business ventures.) Additionally, each plan comes with a variety of “perks” such as free modems, free shipping and handling, router rebates, etc. These plans are designed to provide a business with a more expansive alternative to purchasing a home use plan.

Saving Time and Money

Remember, in business, time is money and excess costs can drain a budget. That is why the FastAccess DSL plans offered by Bell South DSL are quite valuable for any business venture.