Comcast High Speed Internet Revealed

For whatever reason there are many people that think Comcast runs on DSL lines. But just to clear the air, they do run on a “cable” system. See Comcast DSL/Cable for more details. So here are some of the more common FAQ’s that will help you understand some of Comcast’s fine print. If you have additional questions, please post them in the comments section and we’ll do our best to update you with an educated answer.

Do I need an additional phone line?

Since Comcast runs through your cable TV wire, you have 2 choices available. You can keep your phone connected through your local service provider or compare plans and rates by bundling in Comcast Digital Voice. Every report I’ve read suggest the quality to be equal to a normal phone. Comcast phone service also includes 12 call features at no additional charge. At the end of the day, compare features and prices and choose what is right for you.

Do I have to purchase a modem?

Comcast states that equipment fees & activation fees are not included in their standard pricing. However, I’m a Comcast customer and have never paid for activation or high speed internet equipment fees. There are equipment fees for Comcast TV. Also, this seems like a simple marketing tactic so that they can run discounts & promotions. See these current Comcast specials that include all equipment fees. They even offer a FREE wireless router from time to time.

Do I have to pay for activation?

Most of the year round offers state there are no activation costs but be sure to check your final agreement so that you don’t end up with any surprises. They do make a statement that says “no hidden costs.”

Will my price be fixed or will it change in the future?

This in my opinion is where you need to be careful. Whether you choose to sign up for Comcast Triple Play or any combination of phone, cable, and internet. Your price will go up significantly after the sixth month. In my area, the promotional price starts at $19.99 a month. The rate will nearly double to $39.95 a month if I’m only a Comcast digital cable customer. And if I only use the internet service, it will go up to $54.95 a month thereafter. If you go with the triple play, at least in my area, it will jump from $99/mth for the first year to $140.88. So be sure to compare across the board including your permanent prices after the promotional period.

Do they offer an always on connection?

Yes. This is an always on connection.

Is Anti-Virus & Spyware included with my account?

Yes. Comcast offers virus & firewall protection from McAfee (one of the leaders in the industry).

Does my email have spam protection?

Your connection comes with the McAfee Security Suite for the length of your subscription. The suite includes spam protection.

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